Upcoming Event JULY 13 - Voorhees NJ


Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 10am to 5pm

Picture this: a colossal event where the heartbeat of our communities, our small businesses, takes center stage in a blaze of glory. But this isn't just about vendors peddling their wares; it's a jubilant celebration of every facet of community life. From the spirited laughter of children to the unwavering dedication of fellow advocates, every thread of our community fabric is woven together in a vibrant tapestry of unity and progress.

Expect a day filled with inspirational speakers, musicians, shopping, and the inaugural New Jersey Battle of The Municipalities Hot Dog Eating Contest, pitting Mayor against Mayor. But that's just the beginning! Car enthusiasts will flaunt their classic/custom/exotic vehicles, and artists will display their works in the Voorhees Outdoor Art Gallery and Show. This isn't merely another market or car show; it's a celebration of community!



Main Stage!

What do you do? Are you a band trying to break out? Maybe you're a comedian and need to try some new material on a live audience.  Or, you're a magician and are going to magically make our audience donate to the fundraiser!  Anything is possible.

If you're interested in entertaining the masses for a good cause, then click the button below to apply for consideration.  There's no cost to apply, no cost if selected... but we won't be compensating you.  Sorry, we're raising funds for the community and are looking for those who want to do their part.

So, dust off your viola, polish your trumpet, break out your best bad-dad-jokes, we're excited to have you.

Beer Garden, Food Trucks, BBQ

In addition to all the amazing vendors we'll have on our five acre market site, we'll have a beer garden and main bbq station presented by Voorhees Original Hot Dog Factory!

But that's not all!

We have limited space for select food trucks.
We're looking for a few unique flavors!  What's yours?

To apply for consideration, click the button below and tell us what that flavor is! Food truck vendors must have all appropriate and up-to-date health certificate, licenses and necessary inspections.

SBX Car Show

We're setting the goal, drawing a line in the sand, working to set the bar for the biggest, baddest and most exciting open air car show every held in New Jersey!

Our goal? Showcase the talent behind the machines, show off the end product and ignite the passions of enthusiasts whether just admirers, builders, or collectors.

We want generations of our community to feel the heat of the engine, the hum of the motors, and explore the visual feast of this amazing culture that is deeply engrained on our society today!

Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Tuners, Motorcycles, and Trucks all welcome.  Automotive supply and parts vendors please apply under our vendor application below.

5 Acres of Vendor Space

Anticipating over a hundred and twenty small business vendors which include, makers, resellers, bakers, and candy makers! Metal crafters, jewelry designers, clothing mavens and wood masters! The Market at the Voorhees Township SBSE Festival will be a place to collaborate, network, sell, and connect with like minded people and businesss from all across our New Jersey community!

Qualified vendors include: Produce, baked goods and candy makers, new product resellers ie: Sneakers and shoes, etc. Jewelry, clothing, repurposed products, woodworkers, metal workers, candlemakers, and more.  Corporate and not-for-profit welcome under this application.  Artists, please apply below.  Any food vendors must have appropriate and current licenses, health certificates, and necessary registrations.

Artist Showcase

An open air art gallery, your own special spaces to present your masterpieces of amazing visual creations, stories and moments!

The Voorhees Townshop SBSE Festival sees artists as buinesses, entrepreneurs and vibrant community contributors.  We want to bring your vision and talent to the forefront, expose you to the masses, inspire everyone to reach for their dreams... through yours.

50 exclusive artists spaces for photographers, painters, sculptures, mixed media masters!  This is your chance to stand up and out!

Qualified artists include: Photographers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, and mixed media artists.  Digital artists and jewelry makers apply under vendor application.

Our Vendors


Small Business Showcase & Expo

Main SBSE logo

The Premiere Small Business and Entrepreneur Exhibition

Bringing together entrepreneurs of all types;  makers, service providers, entertainers, manufacturers, buyers, and more.  Enjoy a day of buying, selling, networking, connecting, and collaborating.


SBSE provides a platform where small businesses of all types showcase their products and services to the public, as well as engage with potential buyers, partners, and distributors. The event combines elements of a market with the atmosphere of a trade show and the energy of a conference.

Master market planners, event producers, business consultants and entertainment organizers band together to create an environment that engages both attendees and vendors and encourages networking, collaboration and convergences of ideas.

SBSE is an opportunity for small business owners to connect with consumers and other professionals seeking to obtain new products and services or those interested in connection and collaboration

Discover the latest products, strategies, and innovations from creatives, craftspeople, and professionals

Expand your business's network and propel your business to the next growth stage 

Shop unique items and innovative products. Connect with services and resources

Build relationships with business owners and create partnerships, expand reach, and find new markets