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ProcurementCon produces premier government contracting and small business development events nationwide

NJSBDC ProcurementCon23 small business and government contracting event established to put small business resources under one roof so entrepreneurs can access both known and unknown resources

ProcurementCon offers four distinct events that span government contracting across Federal, State, and Municipal tiers, alongside fostering small business advancement. Our events provide more than just workshops and panels. We create engaging experiences designed to build lasting relationships between our attendees, partners, and contributors. When partnering with ProcurementCon to host an event, you can select from the following event types that you feel will best serve your community:


ProcurementCon is our large government contracting procurement event connecting procurement resources with small businesses interested in government contracting or who are already involved.  This event focuses heavily on government contracting with Federal, State, and Local agencies but has small business development resources.  These events are planned for the end of third quarter and fourth quarter annually.

Small Business Showcase and Expo

The SBSE brand is dedicated to creating an active marketplace open to the public that puts a spotlight on more than just 'selling' at a market.  The SBSE brand brings in elements of networking, matchmaking, entertainment, lectures, marketing opportunities, and interviews to highlight the small business and entrepreneurial community.


BizCon is our local small business development event focusing more evenly on small business development and government contracting.  At our BizCon events, you’ll find more workshops and panels dedicated to small business development and opportunities within the region they are held.


BizTalk encompasses our dynamic live speaking events and our recorded interview show, providing inspiration, education, empowerment, and energy infusion. The aim is to uplift attendees and viewers through impactful stories, creative problem-solving, entrepreneurial journeys, and advice from individuals who navigated failures before achieving success. These talks and interviews range from only a few minutes to 20 minutes of high value lectures, conversations and talks.  Not too serious, not silly, just real.  BizTalk The Show can be found on our YouTube channel, and BizTalk Live Sessions are held at our events or randomly in the wild.

NJSBDC ProcurementCon23 at NJCU School of Business in Jersey City, New Jersey sponsored & Supported by NJSBDC, SBA, TTEC, NJEDA, PNC, Chase for Small Business, NJBAC, OMGroup, PANYNJ

Don't Miss the Opportunity to Partner with us!

Collaborating with us positions your organization as the event's primary partner, granting you event naming rights and seamlessly integrating your brand into our master brand, which has a rapidly expanding national presence. Drawing from over a decade of government contracting expertise and over 30 years as communication specialists, we understand challenges, obstacles, and available resources. With extensive connections within the small business realm, we adopt a holistic perspective to curate programming that perfectly resonates with our audience's needs.

Meet The Team

The ProcurementCon® team is made up of entrepreneurs, government contractors, marketers, creatives, event producers, brand developers, and former agency professionals whose goal is to bring credible, resource-filled, and educational events to the small business community. The ProcurementCon® goal is to create a positive experience for sponsors, partners, vendors, small businesses, and government professionals across the country.

Eric Vincent

Founder/Partner, Black Ink℠ Creative Partners Company Lead
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Digital Marketing Director, Black Ink℠ Creative Partners. Co-Founder & Growth Strategist of Outcome Engine
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